Explore ways of reaching island Rab


The island of Rab is connected to the mainland and other islands by good road and sea routes. If you are arriving to the island of Rab by car, the best and fastest connection of the mainland to the island is the ferry line Stinica - Mišnjak where the ride takes only 10 minutes. The line operates all year round on the timetable, while in the summer when there are more tourists, the ferry sails and many extra routes. The Valbiska (Krk) - Lopar ferry service sails twice a day in the winter months, while it runs 4 times a day in the summer, while enjoying the view of the beautiful Adriatic Sea and the northern Adriatic during the ride or enjoying a lounge where you can refresh yourself with a drink, since the ride lasts for about 90 minutes.

You can also reach the island of Rab by catamaran from Rijeka, which in the morning drives Novalja-Rab-Rijeka, and in the afternoon it goes from Rijeka, to Rab and to Novalja (island of Pag). A new high-speed line that runs in the summer connects more islands with the mainland in the direction Rijeka - Krk - Lopar (Rab) - Novalja (Pag) - Zadar.

You can also reach the island by bus lines that run twice a day from Rijeka whole year and from Zagreb once a day. During the summer months, this timetable is reinforced.

If you are arriving to Croatia by air and the destination is Rab - we recommend arriving at the Rijeka (Krk) airport and arriving to the island by agreed transfer or taxi. If this is your choice, please feel free to contact us and we will help arrange transportation to our Ana Rab apartments. Timetables of all catamaran lines, bus timetables and ferry timetables can be found in the useful links below.