The best preserved fishing village on Rab, Kampor - is a beautiful and peaceful place full of various natural sights. The Dundo Forest Vegetation Reserve, the many beautiful beaches of which the most famous is Veli Mel, various hiking and biking trails - is the perfect combination of tradition and modernity.

Kampor houses one of the oldest libraries with a collection of written Croatian words, located in the Franciscan monastery of St. Euphemia. Feast of St. Euphemia is celebrated on September 16, when inhabitants and other guests gather and make a feast with fish delicacies and domestic wine.

Suha Punta is a tourist resort belonging to Kampor, and is one of the most beautiful parts of the island with numerous beaches, of which almost every one has a blue flag - an international symbol of the clear sea.

Quiet place that offers everything you need - several restaurants, cafes, but you can also fish, play bottles, basketball, soccer, actively dive, play tennis or enjoy the sun, sea, clean air and natural beauty. It's all up to you!




Rab is an island of sun, sea and natural beauty, but also one of the greenest islands of the Adriatic. It is located in the northern archipelago at the foot of Velebit, protecting it from various weather conditions.

The island has 7 places (settlements) - Kampor, Supetarska Draga, Mundanije, Lopar, Banjol, Barbat, Palit and the town of Rab. The town of Rab was inhabited by the Illyrians in 350 AD, when Rab became a Roman municipality and an important center on the east coast, called Felix Arba (happy island).

The rich cultural and historical heritage has attracted many visitors for many years, many of which are most interesting: the four Belfry of Rab, the monastery of Sv. Antun Opata, City Lodge, Monastery of Sv. Euphemia, Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Rector's Palace, Lapidarium, etc. From tradition and customs, the people of Rab are extremely proud of the Rab dance (traditional Rab dance in folk costumes), the Rabska fjera (a medieval festival that embodies the customs of the Rab for 3 days) , the song of the choir, Mesopust (the last day of the Carnival when the locals blame Jura Piscanac for all the troubles that had befallen them in the previous year).

Of the natural beauties, it is important to point out the Dundo Forest - Kalifronf Peninsula best known for its oak forest, Kamenjak Peak - the largest mountain range that protects the island from the cold northern influences, with a peak of 408m. In Lopar - the farthest part of the island there are 22 beautiful sandy beaches, of which the most famous Paradise beach is 1.5 km long.